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ABOUT GAMESCOVER is a games news site that provides reviews, updates, videos, wallpapers and other information that only serious gamers care about. You can also play online games on this site that include learning & competitive games for players of all ages. This website is a mix of information and entertainment, collectively called rich content to keep our visitors satisfied. Our mission is to cover all console / online games, developers, readers that love playing games and culture surrounding them. Our business is games and our visitors are gamers; and the site has significant and qualified global audience. We will keep working hard in building long term relationship with our readers and advertisers.

Games articles are posted in relevant categories. Basic information like developer, publisher, series, platform, release date, genre and mode etc. is added in start of article so visitors have basic understanding of game. It is then followed by brief introduction to game and then detailed description. Comparison of gameis made to previous version or games of similar nature. Description also includes character explanation and game play mode reviews, upgrades, graphics, controls and maps.

To entertain our visitors we have added numerous videos and images to website. Visitors can watch ads free trailers and videos of game; articles come witha complete game walkthrough video. To save images of your favourite games or characters, we have created wallpaper section where visitors can download high definition wallpapers and set as desktop background. A simple tutorial is added to resize wallpapers to fit your desktop.

If you believe any of the articles or content in this website fall short of above features then contact our editor at [webmaster].[at].[gamescover].[net]; with link to article and explain what is missing that would have benefited you if it was there. Enjoy your stay at Games Cover dot net About Us

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