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As a visitor of, your privacy is important to us. We do not collect or share personal information like name, emails, phone number or address of visitors. However, there could be some information that would be collected like IP address country etc. that is shared on internet, so it is really important for our visitors to understand that by using our services, you EXPLICITLY CONSENT to such use of your information and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1. Information Collected:

We collect information such as IP address, country, browser, operating system, device used to access webpage, time spent on site, page views, referred link, link you go to after leaving site. Such information is automatically collected by our stats script which gives us an idea of what links and content is popular. All such information is collected through cookies saved on your device hard drive. Statistical information is saved on our server hard drive located in US. Information collected by us is solely used for statistics. While information collected by advertisement companies is used for statistics and displaying relevant ads to you. Information collected by cookies and pixel tags is used to improve user experience and quality of services provided through this website. It also tells us about usage data and helps us monitor our services and decision is made if we need to do any upgrades in sites (adding more quality content) or server (upgrading bandwidth, space etc.)

2. Personal Information: 

We do not allow visitors to submit their personal information on this site. Visitors cannot create their profile and do credit card or paypal transactions, these steps are taken for safety and security of our visitors. We do not collect or share visitors personal information. We do not communicate with visitors by sending them random emails about products and features. So there is no hustle of opting out of our email list 

3. Cookies: 

It is important to understand what cookie is? When you first visit our page or any website, a small file (cookie) is sent to your computer and saved on hard disk. It helps us to remember information about your visit; that will make your next visit easier and website more useful to you. It identifies your browser, location, time spent on website, information you are interested in.All such cookies from our page collect and share non-individually/personally identifiable information only.These cookies are placed for a good reason; it provides us an easy and convenient method of personalizing your experience on our page. In short, we use cookies like preferences, security, processes, advertising, session state and statistics etc. If you wish to remove cookies set on your computer from our page, then you can easily delete or reset them through your browser.

4. Page Cache: 

It is a mechanism for temporary storage (caching) of web documents such as HTML pages and images to reduce bandwidth usage, server load and perceived lag. Time for a site to load depends on visitor’s internet connectivity speed but through caching web documents in your browser/computer; this website will load faster even if internet speed is not that good. Again no personal information is collected from visitor’s computer and if you wish to remove cache then you can do it through your browser settings.

5. Advertisement: 

Our webpage do not have any third party advertisement at the moment. Advertisement companies have their own cookies which will collect demographic information and content you have visited on page and will display ads that you would be most likely interested in. Again those companies would not collect any personal information from your computer. All advertisement companies have their own privacy policy and terms of conditions. Advertisement website has no access to cookies on our page. This section (4) will be updated once we display advertisement on our site.

6. Videos and Images: 

Our website shares game videos from youtube and other streaming site. We do not host any video on our server; all such videos are embedded in articles so visitors can watch game trailers and complete walkthroughs of games. We try not to embed any videos with ads, and we do not take any responsibility of content of ads on videos. All images and wallpapers are taken from sites on Google, and to best of our knowledge all such content is shared for free. If you are copyright owner of images and videos and want us to remove them from our site then please send an email to [webmaster].[at].[gamescover].[dotnet]

7. Content: 

Gamescover is rich in content; we offer heaps of online games, game news, reviews and updates, game photos and some online videos. It is important to know that only articles with text and images are stored on server. Online games are embedded in articles and display copyright of respective developer, if you don't want us to display your games then please visit our copyright claims page. We are not affiliated with any of the creators of these games and/or the characters on this site. All videos are embedded in articles and we do not hold any media copyrights to them. All games and videos are added for entertainment and learning purpose only; we do not control and take any responsibility of ads shown on them, all games and videos are copyright of their respective owners.

8. External Websites: 

We do not take any responsibility of other websites contents and their privacy policy. If you click on any external link and leave our website then it is important that you read privacy policy of external website before browsing their pages. We do not take any responsibility of content of videos embedded (from other sites like youtube) on this website that is not uploaded or hosted on our server hard drive. If you want to report any such videos for content or copyright violation then please report it to webmaster of respective site. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to let us know as well, we will remove embedded video from our page in our earliest convenience.

9. Children Privacy: 

We encourage parents/guardians to make sure they organize a list of safe website for their children to visit. Some console games on this website are developed for age 13+ and 18+, we urge parents to sit next to their children so they do not read any such post, watch videos or download any such wallpaper that are not appropriate for their children’s age. We do not knowingly collect any information from children and neither do advertisement companies.

10. Aggregate Information: 

We might share collective information (not personal) for statistical purposes. Advertisers can collect such information to provide ads that are relevant to you.Such information can be found on alexa site that displays our website traffic, demographics, gender, age, page views and ranking. Please find it here You can find alexa privacy policy on their page.

11. Changes to Privacy: 

We might keep changing our privacy policy depending on changes being made or new content added in website. We won’t be able to inform you about these changes by emails or phone. It is important that you take some time and visit this page on your next visit.

12. Questions and Complaints: 

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or copyright claims then please address it to us by sending an email to [webmaster].[at].[gamescover].[net] and follow instructions of reporting in our Terms of Use page (section 3. Copyright Policy) Privacy Policy

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