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Dragon Quest XI Review & Gameplay

Dragon Quest XI Review:

Square Enix celebrated their 30th anniversary to re launch the Dragon Quest sequence. It offers the primary typical console experience.

Dragon Quest IX is one of the largest commercial success, bent greatly on multiplayer role and was exclusive only for Nintendo 3DS. Dragon Quest X is a MMORPG that is accessible on a broad diversity of consoles starting from Android, iOS to the Nintendo 3DS and further available on PC & PS4.

There is only limited amount of content available for this video game so far; so large number of fans wants to know more about the follow up. Dragon Quest XI is set to release before 27 May, 2017 which is the final day of Square Enix 30th anniversary.

Dragon Quest XI Review
Dragon Quest XI Review

Dragon Quest XI is the 11th major series follow up in the Dragon Quest sequence, created & published by Square Enix. The game is in development for PS4, Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest XI Gameplay:

Dragon Quest XI carries the gameplay of earlier video games in the sequence in which hero discover planets & clash next to several creatures including the skill to search high terrains. The Nintendo 3DS version attributes a diverse style than the PS4 version showing 3D graphics on the top screen & sixteen bit fashioned sprites on the bottom screen. Before ingoing combat, gamers can also toggle b/w the 2D & 3D graphical layouts. The split style of 2D and 3D will not be available on both layouts for the whole video game but will be accessible only during the beginning chapters of the Dragon Quest XI; gamers can decide which way to play but they have the option of changing both styles at any time during gameplay. Dragon Quest XI’s combat system will be sequence conventional turn based combat system.

Dragon Quest 11’s gameplay differs for every console. In Nintendo 3DS edition, the game offers 2 modes that you can switch b/w while you are playing the video game. The game one edition is conventional to the early video games of the Dragon Quest sequence where it is 2D while the other is that of Dragon Quest IX gameplay with a little mix of the typical style gameplay. The PS4 edition of the game is like the Dragon Quest X gameplay where it is further fluid than on a handheld console due to restrictiveness of game quality on handheld consoles.

Dragon Quest XI Gameplay
Dragon Quest XI Gameplay

On Nintendo 3D edition, the video game can toggle b/w the typical gameplay or the gameplay like to Dragon Quest IX.

Dragon Quest XI Development:

Dragon Quest XI is in development for PS4, Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Switch. The PS4 edition attributes HD graphics. In January 2016, sequence maker Yuji Horii announced that the tale was about to finish & the Dragon Quest XI’s introduction segment was playable.

Dragon Quest XI release date is not announced yet though the game will be released in Japan before 27 May, 2017 that will be 2 months after Nintendo NX’s release. But sad news for Europe and US fans, the game release date is not announced yet.

Dragon Quest XI Specifications:

Developer: Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Series: Dragon Quest

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch & Nintendo 3DS

Release date: 2017

Genre: Role playing

Mode: Single player

Dragon Quest XI Walkthrough:

Watch Dragon Quest XI fast streaming gameplay walkthrough part 1. We will upload Dragon Quest XI full walkthrough once the game is officially released.

Dragon Quest XI Walkthrough

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