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God of War 4 Review, Story & Gameplay

God of War 4 review, story, gameplay, release date, full game walkthrough, news & more:

We have added everything you need to know including God of War 4 review, story, gameplay, full game walkthrough, release date & more.

God of War 4 is a third person action adventure video game that is developed by Santa Monica Studio & published by well-known Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game got released on April 20, 2018, for PS4. God of War 4 is the 8th installment in God of War series and the follow-up to God of War 3. God of War earlier series was based on Geek mythology but the upcoming sequel will be based on Norse mythology. Series hero Kratos is back as the main character & now he has a son. Kratos acts as a mentor & protector to his son. Kratos has to master the rage that has driven him for several years. 

God of War 4 Review

Main Characters:

  • Kratos: The main character of the game just like previous games. 
  • Atreus: Kratos son.
  • Baldur: The main antagonist.
  • The Witch in the Woods: The one who gave Kratos his immortality.
  • Sindri and Brok (Huldra Brothers): The two dwarves.
  • Mimir: The god of wisdom and knowledge.

God of War 4 Gameplay:

God of War 4 gameplay is completely different from the previous games of the series. One of the earlier edition Ascension, that was released in 2013, introduced multiplayer mode. God of War IV includes only single player campaign. God of War IV will offer crafting resources for the player to find. God of War IV features a third person, over the shoulder free camera, a departure from the earlier series, which featured a 3rd person, fixed cinematic camera. A major change is that Kratos will not use his double chained blades, as he lost these at the end of earlier episode. He now equips a magical combat axe which can be infused with elemental abilities & thrown at rivals. The trailer revealed that the axe can be engulfed in ice, to which Kratos can hurl at a rival & magically summon it back to his hand. The axe has a deep history & link with the characters; it is connected to both the son & his mother. Kratos can also use hand to hand combat. Although you will control Kratos in the entire video game but at times you will control his son. There is a button reserved for his son while its use depends on the context. The son is like magic that is an additional battle resource & player is training him during gameplay. He can fire lightning arrows with his bow, depending on where player looks. He helps Kratos in battle, puzzle solving & exploration. Kratos & his son combats different rivals together. His son can help him fire arrows at the enemies. When facing a large amount of rivals, Atreus will help player in combat. Atreus will shoot weaker rivals while Kratos will be combating the stronger ones.

God of War 4 Gameplay: Kratos & his son are fighting a troll
God of War 4 Gameplay: Kratos & his son are fighting a troll

God of War IV Story:

It’s been several years since Kratos took his revenge against the Olympian gods. Now he is with his son in the world of the Norse gods & predators. He will act as a mentor & protector to his son. Kratos will master the rage that has driven him for many years. In this neighborhood they will confront monsters, predators and lords. Before starting their journey, Kratos is challenged by someone having godlike powers. Kratos kills him and set out on a journey along with his son, Atreus. On their journeythey meet the World Serpent, J√∂rmungandr, who is friendly with them.

God of War 4 Stor: Kratos is teaching his son how to hunt
God of War 4 Story

Most of the journey takes place in the realm of Midgard. At its center is a lake that can be explored by canoe, with a coastline dotted by puzzles, tough opponents, and entries to the map's main regions. 

Bloody and Brutal Combat:

Just like its predecessors in the game series this game is as brutally unflinching as its predecessors. Rib cages are brutally torn open with hands or jaws are terribly left hanging on strips of skin.

God of War IV Updates:

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God of War 4 HD Wallpapers:

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God of War IV Specifications:

  • Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Series: God of War
  • Platform: PS4
  • Release date: 20 April, 2018
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Mode: Single player

God of War Walkthrough:

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God of War Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. i have played God of War 2 & 3. Both were full of action & adventure. God of War 4 seems interesting from what i read on

  2. One of the best quality game ever developed. The graphics quality is amazing.

  3. God of War is unlike any other game. It is a game full of Vengeance, brutal action and very good story.