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Arma 3 Review, Story & Gameplay

Arma 3 Review:

Arma 3 Review
Arma 3 Review

ARMA 3 is a military strategic shooter game created and published by Bohemia Interactive. Arma 3 was released for PC Windows in Sep 2013, and it was also released for OS X and Linux in August 2016. ARMA 3's plot sets in the mid 2030.

Arma 3 Story:

The storyline begins with the campaign mode where you will control Ben Kerry who is a US Army Corporal. At first the hero must survive after friendly military are beaten in a failed NaTO mission. During the story mode the hero will survive through the hostile missions on his own & he will be leading a big army with several operational units. The hero will decide from several available quests and he will also utilize a wide range of arsenals.
Arma 3 Story
Arma 3 Story

Arma 3 Gameplay:

Real Combat:

You can taste the real battle gameplay in a huge army sandbox. You can use wide array of single & multiplayer content, including over twenty vehicles & forty arsenals & out of bound occasions for content development, this is the computer genuine armed forces video game.

Open World Battlefield:

Beat your foes on a splendidly detailed, open earth arena widening over 290 km^2 of Mediterranean island territory. From open towns to rolling mountains, whether you are driving an armed tank across the plains, flying a chopper across the thick jungles, or you are in a battle against a bigger force, the isles of Atis & Stratis are real planets which lead themselves to the most inclusive actions in video gaming.

Play on foot or drive vehicles:

You can start the battle on foot, drive vehicles loaded with weapons, or blow your rivals from the skies using choppers and jet. You can beat your foes using combined land, air & ocean strikes while choosing over twenty vehicles to drive & fly, forty plus arsenals are available to pick from, & use several range of gears to suit your requirements on the battlefield.
Arma 3 Gameplay
Arma 3 Gameplay

Story Campaign:

You can begin playing this game as Ben Kerry, a fighter who will both survive on his own and lead an army. You can run & shoot at the same time like first person games Call of Duty & Medal of Honor & you can also take cover & move in stealth. You can put ambushes to assassinate your rivals & use the environment for your benefit.

Multiplayer Mode:

Battle online in the multiplayer mode with your friends & slay your opponents together. Choose a team against your rivals in the Defend & Seize multiplayer settings. You can also play 1 of the popular non official modes created by the game community.  You can try a different form of multiplayer in Arma 3 Zeus where you will have the skill to control the combat zone of the rest of the gamers.

Custom created content:

You can begin developing your own experiences with Arma 3’s intuitive scenario editor & modding tools. Enjoy a platform that is covered with gamer developed content, equip custom created arsenals & vehicles in single player scenarios & completely fresh multiplayer video game modes.

Arma 3 Price:

Arma 3 PC Price: $39.99

Arma 3 Specifications:

Release date: 12 September 2013

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Genre: Tactical shooter

Platforms: PC Windows, Linux & Mac OS X

Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Arma 3 Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Arma 3 Campaign Mission 1 Survive Walkthrough. You can watch the remaining Arma 3 walkthroughs on Youtube.

Arma 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

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