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Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games. The game is released for Microsoft Windows. A closed alpha version of the game was released on 28 December, 2016 and the closed beta was released on 28 July, 2017.

Escape from Tarkov Story:

After each day the condition in the fictional Norvinsk region become even more difficult. Never-ending confrontation in Tarkov has created immense disturbance. The people have escaped the city but those who are still living in the city are searching ways to come to terms of new reality. Having agreed to the new reality, savage Tarkov locals “Scavs” grouped into well prepared squads & began the re-partition of the city. Now Tarkov is divided into borders that are controlled by diverse groups and guilty people. The player has the objective of escaping the city by working for one of private armies.

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay: 

Player takes control of a soldier who has survived the first stage of the Tarkov confrontation. After deciding one of the teams - the player career begins & he try his best to get out of the city. Tarkov is sealed off by United Nation & Russian army, supply chains & telephone lines are cut & there is no contact with operational command & in such severe circumstances everybody has to make his own decisions of what to do & how to escape this city that is overwhelmed by disturbance.

Escape from Tarkov has a story tale driven situation based gameplay and multiplayer game modes. 

Player can discover most of the original & genuine sites of Tarkov city & its suburbs civilian blocks, chemical plant region, AA military base, the centre of Tarkov city, private living region & other in real conditions. Find out hidden places, reserved facilities, supplies & underground stores. Search valuable information & objects which helps in understanding about what the city is going through. Work with ex-opponents, understand and disclose the mysteries of the city & try to run out of the city alive. Player can use the game surrounding to gain benefit and to attack opponents & use stealth to avoid larger army. Player need to stay alive & understand what is happening around & how player can sneak past the opponents. If player is dead, player loses all that is collected and grabbed during the course of the game. Use minimum resources & take care of gear & tools. Store food & repair suits as players have a long journey ahead. Player can collect from fallen opponents & containers to collect a wide range of objects to utilize & barter. Player need to collaborate with stranger and also be prepared for severe situations when a friend betrays you and hit player from the back as the game offer no rules. Get rid of Scavs as they follow you and can come after you if player make any noise. Player need to be alert all the time to be prepared to avoid any strike. The players don’t need to worry about death as they won’t lose anything from their main hero. There are several non-action activities that the players would experience. Most importantly develop contest team with original skills. 

Players can choose to play as two of three factions available in the game with the goal of collecting and extracting resources scattered around the city. A skill tree is also included in the game which grants the player various skills and perks.

The Verdict:

Escape from Tarkov is a game of dreams. New players have to adapt to the game environment as the game is difficult for new players.

More Information:

  • Developer: Battlestate Games
  • Publisher: Battlestate Games
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Platform: PC Windows
  • Genre: First-person shooter, Tactical shooter
  • Mode: Multi-player, Arena-mode, Freeroam-mode
  • Release date: 2018


  1. Just like Metal Gear, Escape from Tarkov seems to be a new action, adventurous game from what i read on

  2. Main objective of the game is to get out of the city.


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