Monday, 3 December 2018

Play 20-20 Cricket Game Online

Online 20-20 Cricket Game:

20/20 Cricket game consists of 15 overs and balls would be bowled at different pace, length and position and you have to decide as a batsman what sort of shot you can play. Timing and stroke selection is key to score runs and not to lose a wicket. A small indicator will appear on the pitch to show you where ball will hit the ground, giving you ample time in shot selection. You can chose to play batting practice game or go straight to tournament. T20 cricket game consists of 14 games, chose your team and select opponent team. Decide if you want to bat or ball and kick start this entertaining yet another challenging game.

Play Twenty20 Cricket Game
Twenty20 Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use arrow keys to play the game, left - right - up - down. Any key with combination of shift key will give you extra strength but less accuracy. Read game instructions and control in start of game.

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