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Play Bodyline Game | Online Bowling Game

Play Online BodyLine Cricket Game:

Bodyline cricket online flash game is all about short pitched balls and knocking batsman off. Those darn batsman, who get all the glory and hog of the limelight. Time to teach these cocky players a lesson! Bowl a fast ball and get them where it hurts the most. Select difficulty level either as easy, medium or hard. Hit the players three times to earn a wicket. Three wickets in a row will give you maximum power. And you can knock off a batsman with a single hit afterwards. Body line cricket flash game is all about bowling fast and hitting batsman on their legs, arms and head. Not aiming at body will cost you runs as batsman will hit the ball hard. If batsman hit 3 consecutive shots then he will start making mockery of your bowling in this flash cricket game.

Hit batsman as hard as you can in Body line cricket bowling flash game and don't get bullied by batsman. As long as you stop the marker somewhere on batsman body, you ball won't miss him. We have uploaded a video of Bodyline cricket game walkthrough. Watch the video and learn how this game works. Below hint would be very handy in playing this bowling cricket game.

Hint: With maximum power, you can get player out in just one delivery. If you like bowling or play as a bowler yourself then Bodyline cricket bowling game would be ultimate flash cricket fun game for you.

Play BodyLine cricket game online

BoldyLine Cricket Game

Body Line Cricket Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this online flash bowling game. Press space to position the horizontal and vertical lines and aim the ball at batsman body. When ball reaches batsman and you have set marker on batsman body then it will hit the batsman. Complete the body line flash game by getting all batsman out.

Bodyline Cricket Game Walkthrough:

For cricket game lovers, we have added walkthrough of Body Line cricket flash game. Watch this short video and learn how this game works. Set vertical and horizontal marker on batsman body and bowl a delivery. Ball will hit batsman if marker is set correctly otherwise batsman will smack your delivery. You will get bullied by batsman if you set marker wrong 3 times. Get maximum power by hitting batsman 3 times in consecutive deliveries. Watch this short video of Body line cricket game and share with your friends.

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  1. Bodyline was a tactic used by the English team in 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia to deal with Don Bradman.

  2. i am playing Ashes, the beat game ever, was always looking to play such games but sometimes those games are difficult to be found. Every content on this blog is managed carefully and thanks