Saturday, 11 August 2018

Play Casino Cricket Games

Online Casino Cricket Game:

Casino Cricket is roulette based cricket game that you would mostly see in Casinos. Playing this game is very easy, select mode (easy, medium, hard) and then you have to pick your team and opponent team. Computer will automatically give you a challenge that you have to achieve before you lose all your lives. Casino board contains runs and outs. Every time it stop on some number; it will add to your score. If it stops on out or run out; you loose one wicket. Give it a go and you will love it.

Play Casino cricket game

Casino Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Spin the wheel of fortune by clicking on Gamble button and it will start spinning the wheel. Stop the spin by clicking anywhere on the wheel. You will get rewarded after stopping it. Every spin is a gamble, you either get points that adds up to your score or you lose you wicket.

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