Thursday, 29 November 2018

Play Cricket Batter Challenge Game

Play Online Cricket Batter Challenge Online Game:

Challenge six different cricket teams in this epic batter challenge game. Represent Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa or Sri Lanka. Choose your opponent team to flex your batting arms and follow game instructions to get started playing cricket game. Look for the marker on the pitch and play shot when it goes green. You get reward for your shot based on timing of shot. There are three rewards, Good, Great and Excellent. Too early to play a shot or too late to hit a ball will cost you a wicket. Only three batting chances are available in online Cricket batter challenge game.

Boost up your scoring run rate by hitting well timed shots. Lack of concentration and missing out on hitting shot on time will get you bowled. Score as much as you can with only three wickets in hand. If you are a batter and up for a challenge then play this amazing batting game online for free.

Cricket Batter Challenge Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play batting challenge game. Watch for marker on the pitch and use arrow keys on keyboard to play your shot. You can use left, up and right arrow keys for shot. Timing of shot is very crucial to get maximum score.

Cricket Batter Challenge Game
Cricket Batter Challenge Game

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