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Play Gully Cricket Online Game

Play Online Gully Cricket Game:

Almost every cricketer would have played Gully cricket also known as Backyard cricket at least once in their life. Get down in streets and get dirty once again. With cricket fever cured and its heroes driven away. A new sport has emerged 'Gully cricket' and you could be the biggest star of it. No rules, no restrictions; go out and whack ball as hard as you can.

In gully cricket game, align your bat with pitch of the ball and hit it with good timing. Ball will roll over boundary line if timing of shot is good. If you keep getting out then it will set bowler on fire and he will bowl on fire and you will have to face delivery over 100 mph. By hitting three 4s in a row, batsman will transform in to super hitter and every hit will fly over the boundary rope for a 6.

Play online Gully cricket game

Online Gully Cricket Game

Gully Cricket Game Instructions: Use mouse to position your batsman and bat. Use left click of mouse to hit the ball. If you hit 3 fours in a row then you will become a super hitter and every shot you play will go for a six. Keep pressing space key on keyboard when ever you get involve in a fight with opponent.

Gully Cricket Game Walkthrough:

In cricket gully game walkthrough, you will see how bowler gets on fire and its extremely hard to hit his ball. And after hitting successive three boundaries batsman transforms in to super hitter. I have uploaded this gully cricket game walk through for cricket fans and cricket game lovers. Watch the video and play cricket gully game for free. Don't forget to win the fight by pressing space keys. You could be the new cricket star of Gully cricket.

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