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Play India vs Australia Cricket Game

Play India vs Australia Cricket Game:

Pick up your favorite team India or Australia in this India vs Australia cricket bi-lateral tournament. The game play is purely epic & your aim must be to win the match. This is a complete cricket game, means you have to bat and ball. Bat first and score heaps on runs, let your bowler defend the total and win you a match. India Vs Australia cricket game is a 5 over game, time is short. If batting is your skill then go for big hits. We have uploaded a 5 over batting walk through of this game. Have a look and if you like it then play India VS Australia cricket game for free.

Start India v/s Australia game by selecting your favorite team. Select a T20 scenario from the past and change the results by playing it online your self. Toss the coin and if you win then choose to bat or ball. You only get 5 overs to bat and 5 over to ball. If you like challenge in cricket then play India versus Australia cricket game online for free.

India vs Australia Cricket Game Controls: Position the batsman with "Left arrow" or "Right arrow". Once you are ready then hit the shot with "Space bar" key. Enjoy India vs Australia cricket game online for free.

India vs Australia online cricket game free

India v/s Australia Game

Walkthrough of India V/S Australia Cricket Game:

India V/S Australia cricket game consists of 5 overs only, toss the coin and either bat or ball first. You will have to bat and ball to complete full game. Pay some exciting shots to score runs and let your bowler defend your total. Give it a go and if you like this game then you can play 10 overs, 20 overs and even 50 overs of complete cricket games on; Watch 5 overs Australian batting walk through of India v/s Australia cricket game.

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  1. east or west India always the beat, enjoyed playing game