Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Play India Vs England Cricket Game Online

Online India Vs England Game:

India Vs England cricket game consists of 11 level. Decide what mode do you want to play, Instant match or a Close encounter game. Pick either team and toss the coin up in the air. This game comes with some really good graphics. You can play the shot and watch fielder chasing the ball and throwing it back to the bowler. Running between wicket is crucial as you will have to do it yourself. 

Play India Vs England game

India V/S England Game

Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this game, space bar is used to run between wickets or to continue the game after each ball is bowled. Use arrow keys for shot selection, Up - Down - Left - Right.

credits to gangofgamers



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  1. India Vs England rivalry is old

  2. Once you start playing it, you never want to leave.