Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Play Online Cricket Championship Game

Online Cricket Championship Game:

In cricket championship game; you get to blast off on a winning line with fours & sixes galore. Be a winner at Cricket Championship 2008. Cricket Championship is a third person online cricket game where the camera is set behind the wickets. The player can judge the timing of the shot clearly and he can hit variety of shots. You have to play batting innings and bowling innings but you get to decide what you want to do first. Select 3 overs, 5 overs, 10 overs or 15 overs game. Cricket Championship is one of the best online cricket game that you can play for free on internet.

Cricket championship game
Online Cricket Championship Game

Game Instructions:

Use the Mouse pointer to choose the track of the hit. Left click and Hold the mouse button to pick power. Free it to play the blast.

Use the Mouse to play. Pick the Type of Ball from the list. Click Go to begin bowling. Left click and Hold the mouse button to stop the first direction bar. Free it to stop the second direction bar and bowl.



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