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Play Online Lagaan Cricket Champions

Online Lagaan Champions Cricket Game:

Lagaan Champions is a challenge game between international teams. It is named after Indian movie, Indian villagers challenge British rulers for a game of cricket. In Lagaan cricket, you have to bat and ball. You can play a T20 format or an ODI format only. Means either a 20 over cricket game or a 50 over cricket game. Lagaan champions game allow you to bat and ball in single match. Game instructions for batting (right handed / left handed ) and bowling are at the bottom of this page.

Lagaan Cricket Champions Game
Play Lagaan Champions cricket Game

Game Instructions: 

In Lagaan Champions cricket game, you can choose to play as right handed or left handed batsman. After batting innings, you will have to bowl as well. Click on small thumbnails below to read batting and bowling instructions in a larger image.

Bowling Controls:

Right Handed Batsman Controls: 

Left Handed Batsman Controls:

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