Saturday, 22 September 2018

Play Bowling Ace Game | Online Cricket Game

Online Bowling ACE Game:

In Bowling Ace game, you will control a bowler & you have to bowl out batsmen. You can choose between easy or hard level. Choose type of bowler you want to use (pace, spin or swing). Select your team from a list (India, England, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa). Game will give you a scenario, certain runs to defend and number of wickets you have to take to win the match. Accept the challenge and you are good to go.  

Play Bowling ACE Game
Bowling ACE Game

Game Instructions: Use keyboard keys to play this game, hit space bar twice to pitch your ball where X marks the spot. Hit space bar again to stop the marker in the green zone.

credits to gangofgamers



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  1. if you like bowling then this is the game for you