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Play Cricket Master Blaster Game

Play Online Cricket Master Blaster Game:

Cricket Master Blaster is a batting challenge game. Accept the challenge and beat the target that is set for you. If you go pass the target, then game will continue On so you can beat your best score. You only get one wicket, so chose your shot sensibly. Missing a delivery could end up your bails flying off the wicket. Use arrow keys to play classical shot, timing is really important to get connect bat with ball. Cricket Master blaster game is free to play online, so take opportunity of this free game and set your maximum score.

Watch cricket master blaster game walkthrough and get to know about this cricket flash game environment and challenges. Scoring runs in this flash cricket game is not hard but you only get one life to play this game. If you get caught, game will be over for you. First challenge is only 12 runs in 2 overs which is way too easy to achieve. If you achieve the target before 2 overs, then game will carry on and any extra runs will keep adding to your total. After 2 overs, you will move up a level but there won't be any interruption in the game. Level, target score and overs will be updated in top left corner of the screen. Game will only stop when you lose your only wicket in cricket master blaster flash game.

Play Cricket Master Blaster Game
Play Cricket Master Blaster Game

Cricket Master Blaster Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this game, press arrow keys to choose direction of your shot and space key to start bowling.

Master Blaster Cricket Game Walkthrough:  

Watch cricket master blaster game walkthrough to get in depth knowledge of the flash cricket game. We have added walk through of the flash game for our game fans and cricket lovers. If you like graphics and audio content of master blaster cricket flash game then try it your self. Show us how much score can you get in one innings without losing any wickets. Have fun watching cricket game video online.

We will keep updating online cricket master blaster flash game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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