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Play Hit and Run Cricket Game

Play Online Hit and Run Cricket Game:

Hit and Run is an online cricket game that includes two modes to play. Your goal is to hit the ball and score runs, the easy controls will let you enjoy each and every hit. You will play as a batsman in this game. You have to position the player using left and right arrow keys. When the batsman is in position, press the spacebar so that the bowler gets in action. When the ball has been released, you can swing your bat in either directions by using left, right or down arrow keys. Watch walk through of this game for better exposure to Hit and Run cricket flash game.

In hit and run cricket challenge mode, six teams are available. After choosing your favorite team, you will have to beat the other five teams. You will need a certain number of runs to win against the opposing team, and the requirement is different in each cricket game. Scoring a 6 or a four gets you an applause so enjoy every moment of this flash cricket game. Also be prepared to get bowled as well. 

In hit and run cricket survival mode, you have to score as many runs as possible with limited balls. Big hits will definitely boost your run rate. You can play both modes for free in hit and run cricket game. 

Hit and Run Cricket Game Controls: This cricket flash game offers simple game controls. Use keyboard arrow keys to play shots. Press Left and Right arrow keys to position the batsman before ball is bowled. When you are ready then press Space bar to activate bowler. After bowler releases the ball,  Press Left / Right / Down arrow keys to play your shot.

Play Hit and Run Cricket Game

Play hit and run cricket game

Hit and Run Cricket Game Walkthrough:

For cricket game lovers and cricket game fans, we have uploaded a short walkthrough of Hit and Run cricket flash game online. Graphics in this game are up to standard for an online browser game. Hit the ball as soon as it is pitched. Watch ball crossing over boundary on big stadium screen. In this walk through, i was given 5 overs to achieve the target. After completion of challenge, computer will ask you to continue and play an other challenge game. Good luck with playing hit and run cricket game online for free.

We will keep updating online cricket hit and run flash game by adding more description, game controls, new game photos, new cricket game walkthroughs and videos to make it easy and entertaining for our game fans. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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