Friday, 11 January 2019

Play Yorker Cricket Game

Play Online Yorker Cricket Game:

Yorker is a run down version of Angry Bird game. Graphics are not that good but still okay to play Yorker game for fun. It is very easy to play cricket game, Aim at the helmets on the other side of wood pile and knock it off. Adjust trajectory of shot so it can knock of helmet in one hit. Difficulty level of the game will keep getting harder and harder as you play. Only 3 turns are allowed in each level, accuracy will come after playing few games of Yorker. You can continue the game even if you lose and your score will keep adding on top of your high score.

Yorker Game Instructions: Use mouse to play yorker cricket game. Left click and position and aim using mouse. Once ready release left click and ball will shot up in the air.

Play online cricket Yorker game
Play online cricket Yorker game

We will keep updating online Yorker cricket game by adding more text and graphics. Yorker game walk through and videos will be added soon. All copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

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