Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Power Bowler Cricket Game

Play Power Bowler Cricket Game:

Stop these batsman making mockery of fast bowlers, get them all in this Power Bowler game. This game is dedicated to Ishant Sharma. You can bowl a yorker and uproot the stumps. Ball and out swing, in swing, seam or a bouncer to unsettle the batsman. You are in control of the game, restrict batsman from scoring runs freely and keep taking wickets at regular interval to break partnership. Ishant Sharma is at peak of his career, and his fitness level can never get better than now. Bowl as Sharma and send opposition batsmen back in to pavilion in this fast power bowler cricket game.

Play Power Bowler Cricket game
Play Power Bowler Cricket game

Game Instructions: Being a bowler is not that easy, you have to use variety of different deliveries to get batsman out. Play power bowler cricket game using keyboard keys. S is for straight ball, A for outswing, D for inswing, Z for outseam and X for inseam. To ball special deliveries in this bowling game, use Q for yorker, W for bouncer and E for slow ball. Special deliveries can only be ball once in an over.

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  1. Ishant Sharma cover picture looks awesome. Liked the game anyway.