Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Smash 'em Challenge Cricket Game

Play Smash 'em Cricket Challenge Game:

Smash 'em cricket game is a tribute to Australian cricket legend Michael Clarke. Play as Clarkey and smash ball around the ground for maximum runs. You can choose to play 2 modes. Classic mode is for the cricket purists out there who know the value of defence and like to accumulate their score over time. You can play unlimited balls and bat for as long as you can. You don't get any bonus multiplier in classic mode. Play Arcade mode if you like smashing quick runs, this style of game is for big hitters. You can only face 6 balls and your total score is what you get from your shot and all the bonus items you collect. If you like Michael Clarke then play his Smash'em cricket challenge game for free.

Online Smash'em cricket game

Play online Michael Clarke cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play online Smash 'em cricket challenge game. The faster you move the mouse, more force would be in Michael Clarke's shot. Look out for the obstacles and hit the multiplier bonus that will increase your score.

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  1. Michael Clarke my favorite cricketer. It is a bit funny game.