Friday, 14 December 2018

Play Super Sixers 2 Cricket Game

Online Super Sixers 2 Game:

Super Sixers 2 is hard hitting game, swing the bat as fast and as hard as you can and get maximum returns from your shot. Shot timing is very important or you might see your wickets uprooted of the ground. Super sixers 2 game allow you to chose a practice mode where you can get timing of your shot right before proceeding to actual tournament. Remember you are not playing the whole game, you are only playing part of the game where you are required to score runs in limited number of overs. Time your shot pretty good if you want to hit the Super Sixer of the game.

Play Super Sixers 2 Game
Super Sixers 2 Game

Game Instructions: Use arrow keys on keyboard to position your batsman. Hit space bar when you are ready so bowler can bowl. Hit space again to hit the ball and time your shot right for the super six.

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