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Cricket Super Sixes Challenge Game

Play Cricket Super Sixes Challenge Game:

Cricket Super Sixes is a challenge game, you need to clear the rope to get some runs, so smack every ball if you can. Press play button and select a tournament, choose your batting style and you are ready to go. Remember sixes will win you match for sure. Select a tournament in Super sixes cricket challenge game and choose either a right handed batsman or a left handed batsman. Game screen will show you game controls and where about of your lives, target, runs scored and your sixes combo. Look for the marker on the pitch and hit the ball when it goes green. Not following instructions would result in losing a life.

If you miss a hit in cricket super sixes challenge game then you won't lose a life unless ball smashed in to your stumps. Hitting a single, double or 4 would result in losing a life. Super sixes challenge game is all about hitting sixes. Hitting sixes with out losing life will help build up sixes combo. If you achieve a task, super sixes challenge game will unlock an other tournament for you to play. Keep winning sixes challenge games and unlock new tournaments to compete. Watch a walkthrough at the bottom of the post of few tournaments of cricket super sixes challenge game. If you are up for a challenge then play cricket super sixes challenge game online for free.

Super Sixes Challenge Game Controls: Time your shots perfectly in cricket super sixes flash cricket game and aim your bat using arrow keys. Hit the ball when pitch marker turns green.Your target, score combo meter and lives would be displayed on game screen.

Play Super Sixes challenge game

Cricket Super Sixes Challenge Game Walkthrough:

We have uploaded a walk through of super sixes cricket challenge game for cricket games lovers. Watch this short video and learn how to use control. This video is published only for the beginners, who can understand the game easily by watching super sixes challenge video. Please post a comment if you like this game and share walkthrough of sixes challenge game with your friends.

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