Monday, 24 December 2018

Play T20 World Cup 2012 Cricket Game

Online T20 World Cup 2012 Game:

T20 cricket fever is back. T20 World Cup 2012 comes alive again. Show them your beastly batting skills. Choose your favorite team and select number of overs you want to play. This game allows you to play 5 overs, 10 overs or play 20 overs T20 game for free. T20 World cup 2012 offers superb graphics and some beautiful shot selection. Every run is important so hit boundaries and try to take as many single and double as you can. Every ball of the over count. Group A consist of England, Afghanistan and India. Group B consist of Australia, West Indies and Ireland. Group C contain Sri Lanka, South Africa and Zimbabwe while Group D has Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh cricket team. Play this twenty overs game and enjoy playing some marvelous stroke in ICC World Cup Twenty20 cricket game.

Online T20 World Cup 2012 game

Play T20 World Cup 2012 Game

Game Instructions: Use arrow keys to choose direction. Use Z for shot and X for a drive. Space bar to run.
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