Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Play Tap Catch Cricket Game

Free Online Cricket Tap Catch Game:

This online cricket tap catch match offers you to play 2 different modes. In Arcade mode, you have to catch more than 5 balls to advance to next level starting game with level 1. In Timed mode, you have to catch as many balls as you can in only 4 minutes. Ball will come towards your really fast with no delays, so be ready. If you are looking for a challenge wicket keeping game, then you are on the right page. Cricket Tap catch game will test your reflexes, the fast you can see the ball and move your gloves, the more chances you have got to catch the ball.

Play cricket tap catch game online

Play online Cricket tap catch Game

Game Instructions: To play cricket tap catch match, you will have to use mouse. Move mouse to get in line with ball and it will catch it on its own. 

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