Saturday, 15 December 2018

Play The Dominator Cup Game

The Dominator Cup Cricket Game: 

Get on top of the ranks and beat the best to win the ultimate Cricket Championship! The Dominator Cup is a flash based cricket game simulated from real-life cricket.

Hit the space bar to start bowling and use the arrow keys to hit your shot in the direction you want. Win the match for more opponents to get unlocked!

Teams which you can play against are colored green while the locked ones are in red. After choosing your opponent, you can start the game as the batsman.

The controls are as simple as pressing the arrow key to hit the ball into the corresponding direction, although you have to judge the ball first.


  • Use mouse to control the player 
  • Press left mouse button to hit the ball
  • Hit three Fours in a row to become a super hitter 

Play The Dominator Cup Cricket Game
Play the Dominator Cup Cricket Game



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