Thursday, 26 July 2018

Play Top Spinner Blitz Online Game

Online Top Spinner Blitz Game:

Top Spinner is back and this time it is against the clock. Give it a crack and see how much runs can you score before timer runs down to zero. Spinner Blitz is an updated version of Top Spinner game which is also available on this site. Total time given to score runs is 45 seconds, hit the ball and aim it towards score on the wall. Of course, maximum would be 6 like in any other cricket game. Hit more 6s and 4s and be the champion. If you think you can do well as a batsman then why don't you test your skills in this game.

Play Top Spinner Blitz game

Top Spinner Blitz game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, move it from center to forward to play the shot. Adjust elevation to get maximum score.

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