Thursday, 15 November 2018

Play Top Spinner Game | Online Cricket Game

Online Top Spinner Cricket Game:

Top Spinner cricket game might not look appealing to you in the start but it is really addictive if you play it few times. Play some really stylish stroke and act like a first class cricket batsman. Challenge your self and hit ball in right direction and get maximum score on board, can you hit a century in this game? How many sixes and fours can you hit in one innings? Its perfect opportunity for you to find it out now.

Play Top Spinner game online

Top Spinner Cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, hit ball in right direction and hit score levels to get maximum score. Try to hit max sixes to boost your scores. Left right movement of mouse will give you required elevation to hit ball straight and up.

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  1. a very simple and enjoyable batting game