Thursday, 10 January 2019

Cricket Umpire decision Game Online

Online Cricket Umpire Decision Game:

In Cricket umpire decision game you play as an Umpire in a live cricket game. You have to make decisions in real time, your decisions needs to be precise and fast. You have only got 3 lives, means game will finish if you make 3 wrong decisions. After every delivery, you choose umpire decision icon on game screen. If you miss out or not sure then you can always watch a reply. If you take too long and make a correct decision then you won't get any points. Before you play actual game, you can always test your skills out in practice mode. Umpire decision game is a good test of reflexes and cricket knowledge.

Play Cricket umpire decision game

Cricket Umpire Decision Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play this game, mouse click on decisions icons at the bottom of game.



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  1. if you like umpiring then this is the right game for you.