Sunday, 25 March 2018

Umpire Test Cricket Game

Play Umpire Test Cricket Game:

Play Umpire Test game to test your Umpiring knowledge and decision making ability. You will be asked a series of questions regarding rules about Cricket or a scenario would be given to you and as an umpire you have to make decisions. If you believe you can do umpiring job then make sure you give this game a go and see how good you are. If you don't know much then this game will help you to learn cricket rules and umpiring decisions. Correct answer would be displayed if you answer any question wrong, which gives you an opportunity to correct yourself in future.

Play online Umpire Test cricket game

Game Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game, select correct answer to these multiple choice questions. Its a game against time, correct answer with in 30 sec will award you 10 points, answer within 10 sec will award you 20 points. In case of Time out, you get no points.

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