Friday, 4 January 2019

Play Virtual Cricket 2 Online Game

Play Online Virtual Cricket 2 Game:

Virtual Cricket 2 game is designed to the appetite of cricket lovers. Gamer must apply basic fundamentals of batting while selecting their shots. Ball should be hit with perfect timing to get maximum runs on the board. Missing a ball could end with a wicket so make sure you attempt to hit every ball you can and get some score out of it. Practice your shots before you commence playing. Choose difficulty level (easy, medium, difficult) and hit Start Key to play Virtual cricket 2 game online for free.

Virtual Cricket 2 is a refresher of rivalry between India and Australia. Play as Indian cricket team and chase down target set by Australia.

Play Virtual Cricket 2 Game
Virtual Cricket 2 Game
Game Instructions: Use keyboard to play this game, hit space key so bowler can start bowling. z key move forward and c key to move backwards. Use keyboard key from 1 through 9 for various shot selection. Practice shot selection before playing.



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  1. Played the game for a while. I don't understand how they make such beautiful games.