Friday, 28 December 2018

Play Wicket Keeping Volt Game

Online Wicket Keeping Volt Game:

Play online Wicket Keeping volt game and test your skills with gloves behind the wicket. Don't let any ball miss your glove or you would lose a life, catching a ball will award you 10 points. After every over, bowler will change and stats of new bowler will be displayed on the screen. Stats will explain if bowler is leg spinner, off spinner or a fast bowler. 

Play online Wicket Keeping Volt game
Wicket Keeping Volt Game
Game Instructions: Move gloves using mouse, get in line with the ball to catch it. 10 points awarded for every catch and missing a ball will cost you a life. 



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  1. if you like wicket keeping skills then this is the game for you

  2. Addictive game.