Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Play World Cricket Game Online

Online World Cricket Game:

Online World Cricket game will allow you to play as batsman or bowler. If you play as the batsman, then you will use arrow keys to hit ball out of the park. If you play as the bowler, then you have to be careful about placing your bowling indicator and the player will usually throw the ball at high power. From several teams, you have to choose one then select how many overs match you want to play. You can choose between 5 overs, 10 overs, 20 overs or 50 overs match.

Online World Cricket Game can be played from a 3rd person perspective and the camera is set behind the batsman so you can see the ball approaching or when you are bowling, the camera is set on the bowler so you can decide how to throw the ball.

Play World Cricket Online Game

Online World Cricket Game

Game Instructions:

Batting Controls:

  • Press A/D to move the batsman
  • Use Arrow keys to play the shot

Bowling Controls:

  • Press A/D to switch bowling sides
  • Use Arrow keys to place your bowling spot
  • Use Spacebar to fix indicator at preferred spot



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