Sunday, 25 March 2018

World Cup Cricket 2011 Game - Cricket Games

Play World Cup Cricket 2011 Game:

Each game in Cricket World Cup 2011 has 2 innings. One for batting and other for bowling; unlike other games, you will have to control field while its your turn to ball. You can set up batsman and bowlers speed and direction of shot/ball. You can score 1, 2 or 3 runs if ball doesn't cross the boundary. Rules for 4 and 6 is same as in cricket. Select your team from list of 14 teams with full members and associate nations. Remember it is only 5 overs game so you get 30 deliveries to prove yourself; Toss the coin and you are ready to go.

Play Cricket World Cup 2011 game

Game Instructions: Use move to play this game, drag batsman or fielders and release the left click for action. Set your own field while bowling. Detailed instructions and game rules are displayed on game screen.

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  1. India won 2011 world cup. Don't know who will win in this game.