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Play World Cricket 2011 Online Game

Play Online World Cricket 2011 Game:

Play a one day cricket match in World Cup Cricket 2011 game. You can select 5 over game, 10 overs game, 20 overs game or play a 50 overs game in World Cup. Choose your favorite cricket team and select opponent team. Toss the coin and you might either have to bat or ball, depending on the result. World Cricket 2011 is a complete cricket game, you can bat for 50 overs and put runs on board. Bowl in second innings and try to defend your score. Cricket control varies for right handed and left handed batsmen. Separate control instructions need to be followed for bowling.

In World cup cricket 2011 game, you can also choose to play a quick game and chase the target provided to you. If you are a world cup cricket junkie then this game offer superb graphics and mind blowing shots. Get back in your seat and play this amazing World Cup Cricket 2011 game for free.


Online World Cricket 2011 Game

Online World Cricket 2011 Game

World Cricket 2011 Game Instructions: Play as right handed batsman or a left handed batsman. Follow batting instructions below and click on thumbnail at bottom to enlarge bowling instructions.
Right Handed Batsman: key 6 for sweep, 9 for back foot defence, 1 for front foot defence, 4 for off drive, 7 for advance off drive, 2 for straight drive and 3 for advance On drive.
Left Handed Batsman: key 4 for sweep, 7 for back foot defence, 3 for front foot defence, 6 for off drive, 9 for advance off drive, 2 for straight drive and 1 for advance On drive.

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