Kingdom Under Fire II Review:

Kingdom Under Fire II RPG Mode is playable from third person view. You can also play RTS Mode that features a bird eye view for players to have a complete control over entire military. The game allows you to switch from one mode to another.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is set in a high fantasy setting which combines real time strategy, role playing features & multiplayer online elements. The game can be played in solo mode or you can play the game with your family / friends using online multiplayer mode. It is the only real time strategy game set in the Kingdom Under Fire game series.

Kingdom Under Fire II Story:

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is set 150 years after Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders & includes a new military group known as the Encablossians, who were the main opponents in earlier games in the series.

Explore the battle b/w 3 parties: Dark Legion, the Human Alliance & Encablossians in their attempt to rule the continent of Bersia.

Kingdom Under Fire II Gameplay:

Kingdom Under Fire 2 combines role playing elements with RTS. Your playable character can give order to several troops. Control your hero & he can run while his military follows him. When you want to control other units, you can switch to real time strategy.

The game offers 3 militaries & 3 classes, 100 types of armies & many MMO features.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 lets gamers engage in real time strategy war while leveling up characters & armies in an RPG fashion.

3 militaries: Battle as Dark Legion, Encablossians & the Human Alliance.

Use 100 types of military ranging from Arches, Bone Dragons, Air Units, Infantry & more in wars.

Use the game’s MMO features such as politics, guilds, terrains, sieges & more.

KUF 2 Military Classes:

We have added various military classes of Kingdom Under Fire 2 below:


Infantry are the common soldiers in the Human Alliance who have a sword to slash opponents & a shield to protect themselves from enemy’s hits. You can build these units & they can be assigned tasks but keep in mind they are not the powerful soldiers & they cannot protect themselves from powerful weapons. They also have limited collective experience & abilities, & they cannot endure for long against strong enemies.

Long Swordsmen:

Your infantry can reach the rank of Long Swordsmen. They not only have military ranks but they have high status in society.


Paladins are one of the fearless units in the Human Alliance. They are equipped with huge maces & they know how to heal. They are like the immortals in a battlefield. Their high religious beliefs help them in wars & make them unstoppable against the tough opponents.


Cavalry are one of the much needed units in your army. The units & horses both wear heavy armors to save themselves from enemy sword attacks & arrows.


Musketeers have high accuracy rate but their muskets reloading time is too long. They cannot fire when it’s raining. Musketeers can replace archers & can become the main long range combat soldiers.

Organ Cannon:

The Human Alliance made an artillery weapon & it is the most powerful weapon & it is capable of causing huge destruction. Soldiers need to carry this weapon & move it from one place to another. The Organ Cannon units can be destroyed in close ranged battle which means that those driving the cannon are in great danger in the warzone.


They are the basic Elven soldiers but they are as dangerous as any other units on the warzone. They are trained for any circumstances; their blade & shield can even face mounted rivals.

Wind Riders:

The Dark Elves hire frightful beasts called the Lakreta & its scream scares even the highly trained horse. The Elves train wild unicorns that are fearless. 

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Development:

Fans of the original KUF were waiting for its part II which was first announced in 2008. It was later planned for release in 2014 in Korea & then it was scheduled for Taiwan, Indonesia & US. The developers also started working on PS4 version which let the team build this huge game for console.

KUF 2 focuses on large scale wars & the developers are inspired by The Lord of the Rings movies & other games which are like KUF II are Dynasty Warriors series.

Kingdom Under Fire II Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy
  • Developer: Blueside
  • Publisher: Gameforge 4D GmbH
  • Release Date: Available
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS3, PS4 & Xbox 360


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