The Sinking City Review, Gameplay & Story

The Sinking City Review, Release date, Story, Gameplay, Trailers & Walkthroughs:

We have added everything we know about The Sinking City including its review, release date, story, gameplay, trailers & walkthroughs.

The Sinking City Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch The Sinking City full game walkthrough which includes all missions, all cutscenes, & ending.

The Sinking City Full Game Walkthrough

The Sinking City Review:

The Sinking City is developed by Frogwares & published by BigBen Interactive for PS4, PC, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

Have you heard of Call of Cthulhu, which is a horror role playing video game based on the writing of Lovecraft & a few others? Lovecraft wrote during 1920s & 1930s & he became very popular before his death in 1937. Since then, people recognized him as the major American horror story writer of the 20th century.

The Sinking City Review
The Sinking City Review

If you are thinking that The Sinking City is similar to Call of Cthulhu then it is; because Frogwares earlier worked on Call of Cthulhu before the project changed hands to Cyanide. Both games are different but both of them are set in 1920s, have Lovecraftian themes & both have a private investigator acting as protagonist.

The Sinking City Trailer:

Watch the mind-bending and creepy trailer of The Sinking City which is an open-world adventure game.

The Sinking City Cinematic Trailer

The Sinking City Story:

Your job is to investigate the strange & mysterious situations taking place in this fictional world. You  can control a 1920’s private investigator who is doing his study in the Oakmont Massachusetts, New England. The city is suffering from floods. The town is trembling on the brink of madness. Clearly there is something strange going on in the city. You need to find out the reason behind the floods.

People who survived the flood are roaming the town. Some of the leftovers are trying to make the best of the bad situation.

The Sinking City Story
The Sinking City Story

The city in the game, was once known for its trade harbor, famous for its lucrative smuggling business, but now isolated from the world due to flooding.

The Sinking City Screenshot
The Sinking City Screenshot

The Sinking City Gameplay:

Mostly you will be doing exploration as the game is set in an open world. The Sinking City is a Lovecraft inspired horror mystery game.

Dangerous monsters appear in the water. The in-game investigation is somewhat similar to what we have seen in L.A. Noire. You will often receive requests & missions that can only be solved through investigation. You will also conduct interviews to sort out the matter. Unlike L.A. Noire, The Sinking City has few objective markers or other clear points of direction. With few clues you will be doing investigation.

The Sinking City Gameplay
The Sinking City Gameplay

The Sinking City is set in an open world which gives players a wide array of choices when it comes to pursuing evidence during their investigations. In this game, solve the case on your own, as it does not provide any markers on the map & instructions in diary. You have to find evidence & ask people who will help you out in solving case.

You will control Reed in this game & will visit crime scenes, talk to witnesses, hunt down murderers & complete other detective objectives. The game is set in an open world with a main story & side missions. You can use a combat system & can unlock new abilities. The main story campaign is 30-40 hours long.

The Sinking City Specifications:

  • Release Date: Available
  • Developer: Frogwares
  • Publisher: Bigben Interactive
  • Genre: Horror
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

The Sinking City Teaser Trailer:

To add fun to this post we have added The Sinking City teaser trailer.

The Sinking City Teaser Trailer

The Sinking City Cinematic Trailer:

Watch The Sinking City cinematic trailer.

The Sinking City Cinematic Trailer

The Sinking City E3 2018 Trailer:

Watch The Sinking City official E3 2018 trailer.

The Sinking City E3 2018 Trailer

The Sinking City Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch The Sinking City gameplay walkthrough shown at E3 2019.

The Sinking City Gameplay Walkthrough

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