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Bastion is an action video game with role playing elements. The game is developed by Supergiant Games & published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. You will control a little boy who travels through floating, fantasy themed environments & battles rivals of various types. You can gather special shards of rock to power a structure known as Bastion, in the wake of an apocalyptic calamity.

Bastion was praised by its fans for its story, art direction, narration & music. You can choose a variety of option in the combat system which was also praised. The game was nominated after its release & it won awards, including several for best downloadable game & best music.

Bastion Gameplay:

You can travel through floating, fantasy themed environment that form paths as you approach the edge. The levels contain rivals of several types, which tries to harm you. You can also perform a special attack. Weapons & special attacks are collected before they can be used. You can only perform limited no. of special attacks at any time, represented by black tonics which can be collected in the levels or it can be picked up after eliminating a rival. You can use a special attack for only 3 times. You can also increase the max. no. of uses in the Distillery. You can find your health bar on the screen which can be refilled after acquiring health tonics. You can only collect a certain no. of black tonics & health tonics, & you can replenish them after you discover more in the environment.

You can find different environment types in levels which contain cities, forests & bogs. At the end of most levels, you can acquire an item known as a core & a shard. Occasionally, the levels in Bastion starts to disintegrate once you take the item, which forces you to quickly retreat.

You can use fragments after visiting Bastion b/w levels. You can use them as cash to purchase materials & improve your weapons. With each core you acquire, you can add one of 6 structures to the Bastion including shine, a distillery or an armory & each shard lets you expand a structure. You can use the experience points to determine your skill level, higher levels offer you more health & increase the no. of upgrades that you can choose.

When you leave the Bastion, you can select b/w 1 of 2 regular levels to play. You can also choose to enter challenge which can test your skills & the weapons you have collected. The challenges include destroying certain no. of objects in a given time or breaking targets in fewest shots. You can get different tiers of prizes based on your score. You can also fight wave of rivals. You can acquire fragments & experience points for each completed wave. When you finish the game, you can select to start the new game plus mode, which allows you to replay Bastion while you can begin with the weapons, experience points & fragments that you have collected.

You are assigned objectives by a reactive narrator which marks your every move. You can explore more than 40 lush hand painted environments as you find the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that fractured our world. You can use many weapons & you can also upgrade them to fight monsters. You can unlock the New Game Plus mode once you finish the main story.

Bastion Story:

Bastion takes place in the aftermath of the Calamity, a disaster that fractured the city of Caelondia & also the city neighborhood into many floating pieces, disrupting its ecology & reducing most of its inhabitants to ash. You can control a boy who awakens on one of the remaining pieces of the old world & sets off for the eponymous Bastion, a location which everyone used to visit in trouble. You will find only one guy named Rucks there. Rucks is the game narrator who offers you command to gather the Cores that once powered Caelondia. There is a device in Bastion which can use the power of the crystalline cores to create landmasses & structures. It also helps the boy to travel further afield via skyways that propel him through the air.

Bastion Features:

  • You can play hours of reactive narration which delivers a deep story
  • You can enjoy beautiful hand painted artwork in 1080p resolution
  • You can enjoy the game music which was highly praised
  • You can use more than 10 upgradable weapons
  • You can find out 6 powerful Bastion structures during gameplay
  • You can unlock New Game Plus & Score Attack mode once you finish the main story campaign
  • No Sweat Mode let gamers of any skill level enjoy the game story

More Information:

  • Developer: Supergiant Games
  • Genre: Action role-playing game
  • Designer: Amir Rao
  • Narrator: Logan Cunningham
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC Windows, Mac OS X, Linux & Nintendo Switch


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