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Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Review & Gameplay

Read Hitman HD Enhanced Collection review which provides information about its gameplay & release date, & you can watch its trailers & walkthroughs:

Warner Bros. has announced that the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection which includes remastered versions of Hitman: Blood Money & Hitman: Absolution will be available to buy on 11 January on Xbox One & PS4 but it won’t be available on PC. You can get Hitman HD Enhanced Collection for $60 & the package includes 2 games.

We have added everything we know in Hitman HD Enhanced Collection review including its gameplay & release date, & you can enjoy watching its trailers & walkthroughs.

Remastered versions of the games will support 4K at 60fps, upgraded textures, super sampling, upscale support, better shadows & lighting, & updated controls.

Hitman: Blood Money Gameplay:

Hitman: Blood Money Gameplay
Hitman: Blood Money Gameplay

Each mission in Hitman: Blood Money is framed around the murdering of one or more persons, which you must complete. You must eliminate armed guards, possible witnesses & other hurdles in your path in order to achieve success. You can use your map which will help you in guiding the Agent 47 through the levels.

Blood Money adds new features to its gameplay. You can climb through more obstacles. The game offers improved unarmed combat. You have the capability to use NPC as a human shield using your weapon & to make him unconscious later. You have the skill to dispose of dead bodies into containers. The character animations have been improved, & now you can upgrade your weapons & equipment.

Hitman: Absolution Gameplay:

Hitman: Absolution Gameplay
Hitman: Absolution Gameplay

Hitman: Absolution lets you once again control Agent 47 & the game is playable from third person perspective. The game is centered around finishing set goals within a series of levels. Your goals can range from reaching the end of the level, to assassinating specific persons. You can decide how to finish each level by taking branching routes to get to a target or location.

You can use different weapons to wipeout your rivals if you use action oriented approach or you can sneak pass the rivals without being detected, blending into the surrounding & only assassinating the set target, if you use stealth oriented approach. Your instinct ability can give you an advantage of monitoring rivals more easily. You can use the surroundings to assassinate or distract people. You can advance through the story by finishing chapters.

More Information:

  • Publisher: Warner Bros
  • Developer: IO Interactive
  • Genre: Action
  • Release Date: 11th Jan 2019
  • Series: Hitman
  • Platforms: Xbox One & PS4

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Wallpapers:

Download Hitman HD Enhanced Collection HD Wallpapers

Hitman Absolution Trailer:

Watch Hitman Absolution official trailer.

Hitman Absolution Official Trailer

Hitman Blood Money Trailer:

Watch Hitman Blood Money official trailer.

Hitman Blood Money Trailer

Hitman Absolution Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Hitman Absolution full game walkthrough. Check out Hitman Absolution full story campaign playthrough including all chapters, all cutscenes, & ending.

Hitman Absolution Full Game Walkthrough

Hitman Blood Money Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Hitman Blood Money full game walkthrough. Check out Hitman Blood Money full story campaign movie that includes all chapters, cutscenes & ending.

Hitman Blood Money Full Game Walkthrough



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