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Possibility of remaking Resident Evil 3

Why there is a possibility of remaking Resident Evil 3:

A remake of Resident Evil 1 & Resident Evil 2 is already launched so Capcom might possibly go for a remake of RE 3.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi described the reason why they remade RE 2 & he also let us know about the possibility of remaking Resident Evil 3.

In an interview with GameWatch, Yoshiaki was asked that since RE 2 & RE 3 were supplementary games launched a year apart from each other & they are set in the Raccoon City & both of them used many of the same elements, if there is a possibility of using the similar elements incorporated in RE 2 remake for a possible remake of RE 3.  

Yoshiaki said that they remade RE 2 after 21 years based on fans request. If fans like the remake of RE 2 & express their interest, then they could use that as a good sign.

So if you want RE 3 remake then buy RE 2 remake & let Capcom know that you want more.

You can watch Resident Evil 3 full game playthrough below:

Resident Evil 3 Full Game Playthrough

Resident Evil 3 Remake
Resident Evil 3 Remake

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  1. Resident Evil 3 remake is a good idea.