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World War Z is set to release on 16 April 2019

World War Z is set to release on 16 April 2019 on PS4, Xbox One & PC:

World War Z is a co-op shooter from Saber Interactive & it will release sooner than expected. A recent announcement confirmed World War Z release date. The game is set to release worldwide on 16 April, 2019 & you need to purchase this game on PC exclusively through Epic Games Store.

World War Z Release Date

WWZ features 6 different classes playable across missions set in New York, Jerusalem & Moscow – all locations are chosen from the movie. There is a 4 player co-op campaign available & the game features five multiplayer modes.

You need to save yourself from the horde of Zombies too in PvP modes. You can pre-order this game now & you can access the Lobo Weapon Pack which comes with the pre-order. This pack contains 3 golden weapon skins, & a unique melee weapon: a dual bladed spade.

You can watch World War Z release date reveal trailer below:

World War Z Release Date Reveal Trailer

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