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In Pandemic Express you play as a human or a zombie

Pandemic Express lets you play as a human & if you are infected then you can play as a zombie & your objective is to infect everyone:

Pandemic Express is about escaping zombies

Pandemic Express lets you escape undead & it is set in a big open world. People are hunted by player controlled hordes of undead. 30 players spawn in a train station & randomly one of the player gets infected. Those who are infected, they must infect all the other players in the match. The survivors must escape on a train. The survivors must find weapons & use them to kill the zombies. Zombies can use many skills to kill the survivors. The zombies can respawn indefinitely & if you kill them many times then there are more chances that they will get ultra-abilities. Gaining ultra-abilities will make zombies either an explosive bomber or sneaky phantom. Zombies can launch other zombies around to reach difficult places. Finally, when you reach the train, it begins moving but the chase is not over yet because zombies will respawn in the path of the train & now you have to shoot them & if the train leaves then you win.

Pandemic Express Reveal Trailer:

Watch Pandemic Express reveal trailer. Check out Pandemic Express announcement trailer.

Pandemic Express Reveal Trailer

Pandemic Express Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Pandemic Express gameplay walkthrough. Take a look at Pandemic Express playthrough.

Pandemic Express Gameplay Walkthrough

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