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Download free to play game Esothe on PC Windows:

Free download Esothe on PC Windows

Esothe Full Game Walkthrough:

Watch Esothe full game walkthrough in HD. Get a look at Esothe gameplay playthrough that includes all puzzles & ending.

Esothe Full Game Walkthrough

Esothe is developed by one person in only a month. It is a beautiful fantasy adventure game set in a painstakingly details 3D environment. Esothe is a 3D platformer, which allows players to roam around its wide overworld, & search the abandoned houses to find glowing orbs. It is an open world puzzle platforming adventure inspired by Tomb Raider, Gothic, Legend of Zelda & Ico.

Esothe Review
Esothe Review

Esothe does not include combat & missions, & there are no NPCs that you can interact with & you can only collect glowing orbs. The game focuses on the world, which contains ruined buildings & structures.

You cannot save your progress but Esothe can be completed in just 30 minutes. No combat has been included in it but even without them, the game is still stunning because of its detailed 3D environment.

Esothe Gameplay
Esothe Gameplay

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