Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is announced & it is set to be released in 2019:

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 8 at E3 2019 which is set to be launched on all current platforms.

The re-launch of Final Fantasy 8 is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy 8 is an action RPG which was originally released on PS 1 in 1999. Final Fantasy VIII is the eighth game in the series.

You can freely explore the world map, & characters can travel by foot or using a transport.

Final Fantasy 8 remake will launch on PC Windows, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch later in 2019.

Final Fantasy VIII offers beautiful graphics.

The protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII is Squall joined by a team of allies. Their objective is to protect the earth from a witch. You will gain Guardian Forces that are big elemental creatures that offer you skills & powerful attacks when you require them.

Like most of the previous games in the series, Final Fantasy 8 uses the classic turn based combat system. You can control up to 3 heroes at one time & you can set their action at the start of their turn. All the characters have a meter that fills to choose turn order, & because it is a role playing game this stat can be improved.

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