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FIFA 20: Pro Clubs is updated with tons of improvements

FIFA 20 has updated Pro Clubs with a new avatar system, & tons of minor & major improvements:

FIFA 20 Reveal Trailer

Electronic Arts has modified Pro Clubs mode. new customization options are available in the mode, which changes the character creation system with an avatar system. This is a new method to design your Virtual Pro’s visual characteristics.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs
FIFA 20 Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs has changed significantly in FIFA 20 & there is more customization available for Virtual Pros, along with improved broadcast presentation, updated match types, new kits & more features are available in Pro Clubs.

Make a Virtual Pro player in Pro Clubs & use the same player to play online with friends. There are more options available in FIFA 20 to personalize Virtual Pro player.

FIFA 20 New Character Creator
FIFA 20 New Character Creator

An Avatar system will be used in FIFA 20, & it will let you use an updated 4 quadrant axis tool to fully change each detail of the player you have made. You can use it in Pro Clubs as well, & athlete skin & body shape options are further improved in FIFA 20.

Along with new positions, 30 new traits can be given to FIFA 20 players & when they are combined with specialty traits, then it will create a professional athlete. According to Electronic Arts they will provide more advantages to your pro, but with penalties such as affecting other features of your athlete. Height & weight will play a bigger role in this game.

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  1. Pl. tel me FiFA 20 releaze date

    1. Thank you Anonymous for commenting on this blog
      Release date of FIFA 20 is 27 September 2019
      Feel free to ask more questions