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Fight diseases in Pandemic which is a board video game out now

Pandemic is originally a board game but now its horizon is expanded to allow 5 video gamers to play it on the platform they like:

Pandemic is an amazing board game but now it is available on multiple video game platforms including Mobile, PC, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. The reason behind making a video game version of board game is to allow video gamers to play board game on any platform they want. The new version of the classic board game will let you enjoy a multiplayer mode with 4 of other players as you are attempting to beat illnesses. Pandemic is released on 1 August on Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

Fight diseases in Pandemic
Fight diseases in Pandemic

Also On the Brink DLC of Pandemics is released in September in 2 parts. Part 1 adds Virulent Strain option which rises the game difficulty. Also more roles & event cards are added to support gamers in Part 2 of Pandemic expansion.

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

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