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The Surge 2 has improved in numerous ways

The Surge 2 has improved in numerous ways & it is set in a disastrous world:

The Surge 2 Cinematic Trailer

The Surge 2 has improved a lot & specially the game combat has altered & includes extra entertaining duels. The Surge 2 has a new playable character. The game is set in a disastrous world where majority of the world’s resources have been consumed by humans & robots are doing human jobs. The lower & middle class people are using exo-suits to enhance their strength so that they can compete the android workers. However, the rich still have the money, so most of the people are now upgrading their exo-suits with armor or weaponry & they can endure by murdering humans & stealing their resources & firearms.

The Surge 2 Image
The Surge 2 Image

Gather scrap from rivals by killing them & the scrap can be used to craft armor & weapons, & it will update your statistics. All of the collected scrap will be lost when you die but it can be recovered by looting your death body before being assassinated again. The scrap you drop will release a healing beacon & if you are closer to the scrap & do not pick it up then it will heal you. Also collect the scrap as soon as possible because you have limited time to pick it up. However, you can leave it on the ground & can heal yourself whenever you stand near to it but it is a risky way because you might lose all of your scrap.

The Surge 2 Combat
The Surge 2 Combat

Blocking is not the best technique because it needs stamina & some special attacks including long range attacks can damage your character even he is blocking.

Foes in this game are wiser as compared to the first Surge & can team up to damage you. You can create variation in attacks by having more weapons & if opponents have weapons then they will have variety in attacks too.

Use drones to shoot opponents that are out of your range. Also The Surge 2 allows you to pick up extra attachment from dead rivals & you can customize what the drone can carry.

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