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Every skill in Emberlight can corrupt your soul

Emberlight is a unique dungeon crawler where every skill you receive can corrupt your soul:

Watch Emberlight announcement trailer:

Emberlight announcement trailer

It is a real roguelike dungeon crawler video game set in a planet where you have received a gift & a curse from Gods. Discover dungeons that are generated procedurally & begin this game as a knight. Absorb the skills of your dead rivals & gather the qualities of dungeon bosses.

Emberlight Cover
Emberlight Cover

The objective of this game is to become powerful, fast & immortal. Be careful when you are fighting using unstable Ember powers because they will affect your soul too.

Emberlight Gameplay
Emberlight Gameplay

In this game you can collect rivals’ abilities as well. Every skill of rivals can be learned. So customize your hero according to the objectives assigned to you.

The skills you absorb will damage your soul. The evil will control you as the mission progresses.

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