Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS & Android & it is a free to play game:

Fans had requested Nintendo to launch Mario Kart game on smartphone, & Nintendo has finally released a free Mario Kart game on mobile devices. Mario Kart Tour is a next major mobile video game from Nintendo & it has launched on 25 September 2019. It is a free to play game from Nintendo that includes optional microtransactions.

Use powerful items in Mario Kart Tour to become the top racer & aim for high score. You can collect drivers, karts & gliders, & can improve their performance.

Few players were given an opportunity to try its beta. Users have a chance to enjoy real world cities. Mario Kart Tour is a free to start so it is up to you whether you want to spend money on microtransactions to be able to get new features & also new heroes.

Start moving forward automatically, & drag finger on mobile screen left & right to turn. Some of the items are used up automatically when you pick them up but you will have to activate other types of items by touching the mobile screen. Option of motion controls is also available which can let you turn smartphone onto its side & turn the screen like you would a steering wheel.

According to Mario Kart Tour beta, 8 multiplayers can play this game online.

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