Help the hero of Hero Express to endure in this mad driving game:

It is a different driving game because there is no hurry as you won’t be racing against other drivers to reach the finish line first, but your ultimate goal will be to reach the finish line alive.

Hero Express Story:

The hero of this game is absent minded & he forgets his heroic assets. So now it is your responsibility to help him & do his chores. If you think that you are the best, then why not you give some time to play Hero Express & become the best delivery guy, the one who can be sent on impossible quests. 

Hero Express Gameplay:

It seems easy but you will have to face mad monsters on the way & also there will be twisted tracks but you really need to help the hero to protect this planet with crazy driving skills in this crazy physics based driving video game which can be viewed from side.

There will be obstacles & dangers in your way that must be avoided, & you are the one who will exploit his ability in physics driven driving video game.

Skills will not work all the time because you need to rely on power ups too. Your vehicle has four stats that can be improved using coins gathered during game.

There are eleven total tracks in this game, each has a unique vehicle & different danger.

After you are successful in reaching the goal of each track alive then a hard mode of the game will be available which will be a difficult challenge & will test your heroic skills.

You can complete the full game in about five to six hours & you will need the same amount of time to end all tracks if you choose hard mode later. So Hero Express can be ended in ten to twelve hours.

Hero Express Gameplay Features:

Gameplay features of Hero Express contain:
  • 11 tracks for mad drivers
  • 11 crazy vehicles, a separate vehicle for a separate track
  • 4 improvable stats
  • 16 different types of dangers
  • 2 powerups in full game
  • 2 difficulty modes including normal & hard modes

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